Истина всегда побеждает!

Мы все помним героические мемы, навроде:

И легендарное кино:

TFW наука бесповоротно встает на сторону нашего славного Алекса Джоунса:

After being exposed in a laboratory environment to EPA approved levels of atrazine – the second most commonly used herbicide in the U.S., as well as a fairly common endocrine disruptor found in water supplies – these male frogs underwent a significant change in behavior. The frogs exposed to the atrazine, as opposed to the control group who weren’t, started exhibiting distinct homosexual behavior. Not only did they engage in homosexual sex with one another, as the attending scientist, Tyrone Hayes PHD, said of the frogs, their behavior became “feminized”

Update: Он ведь и об этом пытался нас предупредить! Но они его стерли в медийную пыль. А теперь:


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